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Beverage Plants and Breweries

Beverage Plants and Breweries

Industrial Physics’ Beverage & Canning segment, made up of three distinguished brands, offers beverage manufacturers, breweries and their suppliers gauges, testers, vision inspection systems, and software to ensure finished product quality and packaging integrity.

From laboratory can seam inspection to inline vision inspection of empty and filled containers, our brands deliver unmatched innovation and ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Eagle Vision Systems
Quality By Vision

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry typically utilizes high-speed production machinery in its filling lines. Therefore, inspection systems for beverage filling lines require a very high degree of repeatability.

The constantly changing packaging formats and materials used in beverage packaging pose a challenge and has impacted the growing number of testing procedures to assure the highest possible product quality.

QA has long been a driver of testing equipment, but value, efficiency, flexibility and innovation are also critical. While continuously maintaining QA, testing equipment also must keep pace with the beverage industry’s changing needs.

Innovative Solutions

SMARTER SEAMER SET-UP: Produce better seams instead of checking more often for bad ones

With rising pressures on beverage fillers to increase productivity, minimize downtime and ensure higher quality closures, accurate can closer (seamer) setup has never been more important.

Often, companies make do with just meeting the double seam specifications, ignoring the high variation between different heads on the same seamer and missing hard to detect issues like micro leaks. This often means that the slightest change in incoming materials, like end plate thickness, can flange and can height, will cause some of the seams to go out of specs.

Whereas most settings on a double seamer, such as lifter pressure and height are relatively easy to adjust and control, the roll to chuck relationship is difficult. Traditionally, seamer mechanics used feeler gauges, but the process is long and inaccurate – resulting in bad and inconsistent seams, seamers going out of specs quickly and various problems that cannot be easily traced. Quality By Vision’s Clearance Gauge solves all these problems by offering an easy solution to seamer setup and adjustment.

Clearance Gauge Kit

The Clearance Gauge can not only quickly and accurately set up the seamer, but also make sure that all seamer heads are performing perfectly and identically. This means that seamers will run better and require adjustments less often and with fewer downtimes.

The Clearance Gauge is compatible with most seamer models. Customers report clear and dramatic performance improvements using this gauge.

SEAM INSPECTION SOFTWARE: Automated for faster, more precise analysis

Even with highly accurate seamer set-up, regularly inspecting seams for quality is necessary. Historically, beverage manufacturers would have to manually cut a can open and write down what dimensions they found. Fortunately, new technology makes this work faster and more efficient — allowing for instant analysis and image storage.

In just the last few years, the beverage industry has optimized its canning operations. Companies have downgauged (reduced the end diameter) and reduced material thickness, while production speeds continue to increase. This affects rates of seaming problems significantly, making high accuracy, high repeatability fast and accurate double seam checking systems business-critical.


The CMC-KUHNKE AUTO-XTS is a fully automated, on-line or stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive, complete double seam inspection for beverage fillers. The AUTO-XTS combines internal X-ray seam measurements with a second station for external measurements into one robust unit that meets all required hygiene and provides faster inspection results and reduced labor costs.

The software provides easy to read information on the can or end and records the data in the built-in SPC system. There is also a manual version called SEAMscan XTS which allows users to manually load the cans into the device and then all the measurements are performed automatically. Cans may be held for additional testing or be sent back into production. XTS virtual seam teardown technology provides highly accurate double seam inspection data, while dramatically reducing product spoilage.

CAN INSPECTION: Leverage “all-in-one” functionality to ensure superior quality  

In an industry where speed, efficiency and accuracy are central to success, a single, reliable system that integrates multiple functions is invaluable.

The Eagle Vision 360° Can Inspection System is a highly accurate “mix-up” and print/label integrity detection system for cans. The system integrates critical functionalities including code reading (bar, DMC and QR), color artwork inspection and damage detection in an “all-in-one” system.

It utilizes six cameras, covering the entire can at 360 degrees. User-friendly software runs on the control station on the familiar Windows environment, allowing users with any level of expertise to easily learn and master the software and control the types of defects and sensitivity level of the inspection.

Additional relevant modules can be easily connected as well, including, Empty Can Inspection (inspects can interior and flange), Seam Inspection, and/or Cap Inspection.


The beverage industry is evolving quickly, and providers of product integrity testing equipment need to prioritize the design of integrated solutions that scale globally, can be serviced locally and are always advancing technologically.