Product Integrity

We provide analytical tools for the; food, beverage, electronics, healthcare and industrial markets in addition to their associated packaging material suppliers, required to measure all the critical parameters affecting product as well as package integrity and shelf life. Our comprehensive technology solutions range from instruments for testing and measuring gas permeation rates, package and product seal strength, package and product leak detection, gas head space and dissolved oxygen as well as gas measurement for industrial processes of all types

Additional segments

Inks & Coatings   |  Flexible Packaging  |  Beverage & Canning  | Materials Testing


Global Services 

Industrial Physics Global ServicesProper maintenance of testing equipment ensures optional performance and is a critical part of ownership. Industrial Physics makes it easy for customers to properly maintain their equipment through a variety of preventative maintenance, calibration and extended warranty options. Calibration and repair services are available across the globe for all Industrial Physics equipment as well as many other types of lab and measurement equipment across a variety of industries and OEM manufacturers.

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