Messmer Büchel has an excellent reputation as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Quality Control Equipment specifically designed to meet the pulp, paper and corrugated industries.

The company now known as Messmer Büchel had its origin in 1924. A. van der Korput, a paper merchant based in Holland identified a need to introduce testing instruments for measuring physical and surface properties of paper. His close contact with the Buhrmann Paper Company led to the development of the Bekk smoothness meter which has become a global industry standard for measuring roughness of paper and is still manufactured today. Other prominent instrument developments include a paper basis weight scale which calculates weight per square meter and a variety of other devices to measure paper properties.

The company later became Büchel van der Korput in 1972 when the company was purchased by Mr. Büchel, a Swede living in the Netherlands.

In 1982, Büchel van der Korput was acquired by an English company, Messmer Instruments Ltd., which like the Büchel Van der Korput Company concentrated on the manufacture and sale of laboratory instruments for the paper industry and the name was changed to Messmer Büchel. Messmer Buchel was purchased in 1999 by the US instrument company, Testing Machines Inc., based in Long Island, NY.

Today, Messmer Büchel is located in Veenendaal, Netherlands and continues to design and manufacture instruments for the paper industry. The company has expanded into other industries providing test equipment for packaging, print quality and plastic films and generates 85 percent of annual revenue from exports. Messmer Buchel is a member of the TMI Group of Companies.