FIBRO System AB develops innovative testing instrumentation for paper, printing and packaging markets. FIBRO specializes in new technologies for measuring static and dynamic surface properties of materials including contact angle, fiber rising, absorption, dimensional stability, printability, smoothness, print simulation and automated Cobb.

The company was founded in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden. The FIBRO name was influenced by “fibers” used in papermaking. The first instrument was the Fibre Rising Tester 1000 developed in 1988. The unit measured newsprint grade paper strips which were exposed to water and heat. The samples were then analyzed by image analysis to determine the size and quantity of fibers rising which simulated the effects of the paper surface during offset printing.

For more than 25 years, FIBRO System has established a reputation of inventing new testing concepts to improve and automate traditional time consuming testing techniques. An example is the new ACT-Automated Cobb Tester which measures water uptake volume of a sheet of paper to predict chemical sizing requirements. The company focuses on providing predictive quality control measurement which serves to enhance customer confidence in quality.